Earlier this year I got my hands on a fresh new Samsung Galaxy S5, and in late October I asked to test it out again.

Here’s why…

Over the past few months TechFly has kindly been loaned smartphones and new-release phones (Vodafone) and since then the S5 has always been the best in my mind. So after reviewing several different new-release smart phones of 2014 I can finally express why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most practical and smartest smartphone there is.


Firstly, I’d like to urge any new-comers to the smartphone world to go ahead and join an S5 tariff with Vodafone (Plans from £34.50 per month) here.

Gorgeous Screen

No matter how it looks, the first thing you notice about a phone is its screen. Let’s face it, even Sir Mix-a-Lot wouldn’t waste time drooling over a device’s backside. The Galaxy S5 sports the most brilliantly colourful display I’ve ever seen on a phone, with gorgeous, explosive reds and oranges, deeper blues and darker blacks than competitors like the iPhone 5s and HTC One M8.

The Galaxy S5′s 5.1-inch, full HD screen is simply capable of showing more colours than others; it produced 158 percent of the sRGB colour gamut in our testing, a lot more than the HTC One M8 (115 percent) and the iPhone 5s (98 percent).

Galaxy S5 (bottom) vs HTC One M8 (top)

The 5.1-inch, full HD screen is also one of the brightest on the market, which makes it easier to see in direct sunlight than the iPhone 5s, LG G3 or HTC One M8. Samsung’s Adapt Display technology adjusts the colours for optimum outdoor viewing and battery life.

Long Battery Life, Replaceable Battery

Smartphone battery life is not about numbers; it’s about your freedom. With most phones, battery anxiety rules your life. I used to have an Android phone that would die by 3 p.m. if I was even using it a little bit. You should be able to check Facebook, watch movies, take photos or even play games without worrying about running out of juice and limiting yourself. The AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 lasted for 9 hours and 42 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery test, during which it surfed the Web over 4G with its screen at 35 percent brightness.

Galaxy S5 Battery Life vs Competition

In real life, even Internet addicts like me don’t use phones for 10 nonstop hours. The S5 will last all day long and then some. By comparison, the average smartphone craps out after 7.5 hours and the AT&T iPhone 5s gave up the ghost after only 6:46.

Most Versatile Software

Like many Android phone-makers, Samsung has put its own skin over Google’s operating system. Called TouchWiz, Samsung’s software makes Android more powerful. I particularly like the Quick Settings menu, which appears when you pull down the notification drawer.

Galaxy S5 notification drawer

Also handy, Multi Window mode allows you to run two apps next to each other. I find it helpful to be able to have both the Web browser and my email client on-screen at the same time so I can research a topic and email someone about it without changing my view.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Multi Window Mode

Samsung also bundles the Galaxy S5 with S Health, a comprehensive fitness app that keeps track of your diet, step count and exercise goals. The S5 can even measure your heart rate via a sensor on the back, though it’s finicky.

Last but not least, I love the Kids Mode app, which launches a separate environment with only child-friendly apps.

Kid Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5

Bottom Line

If you simply want the best smartphone money can buy, get the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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