First of all I have to say there’s not much I like about this phone, however there’s a lot I do like. I think Nokia has attempted to make a huge step forward in terms of the mobile phone industry and they’ve taken just one step to far. Nokia have made and developed a custom Operating System to suit their new device.

The features of the phone that definitely stand out to me as a photographer are most assure the camera of the phone; it boasts a 20MP camera, with features unavailable to some low-end DSLR cameras. For the period I had this device I found that the camera (for me) was one of the most used functionalities. The phone also boasts (at its lowest model) 32GB of internal memory – partnered with a quad-core 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 and accompanied with 2GB of RAM the phone is able to perform at speeds similar to most laptops and desktop computers that are still on the market.

Some things I’m not particularly fond of, and didn’t find much use for were the (mostly) Operating System, I found the layout scruffy and the entire GUI of the ‘Home Screen’ wasn’t very user friendly – in that respect I wasn’t able to do some of the multi-tasking I was able to do on similar phones of this age, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the LG G3. However, these are features that Nokia are aware of and at the time of writing this review it has been announced that Nokia are working on a GUI update which could most possibly incorporate some of these cons.

I highly suggest purchasing this phone with a contract plan with Vodafone – with a free phone and monthly plans starting at £30.50 – Available in Green, Black or Orange. Start planning your mobile phone upgrade now.

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