It has been a long, long wait since the dramatic finale of Homeland Season 3 – and Season 4 is finally back at 9pm on Sunday, October 12, on Channel 4.

Lots of changes took place in the last episode.

We bid farewell to our most-loved character, saw changes within the CIA and found out that Carrie Mathison, the workaholic tough girl, was pregnant.

But in spite of how different everything seems to be, we simply can’t wait for Season 4 – and not just because the first episode is two hours long (double the action!). Here’s why we can’t wait for it:

1. Because Brody isn’t in it

Homeland cry

Seriously, WTF?! The whole show is about him.

He’s the reason we’ve been hooked since the very first episode.

But the fact the writers have killed him off intrigues us.

If they’ve been brave enough to hang their main guy, they must have even greater things in store for Season 4.

2. Because Carrie is in it

giphy (3)

If they had killed off both leads, that might have been enough for us to give up on Langley and spy missions forever.

But Carrie Mathison is still there and, if the trailer for the new season is anything to go by, she’s as unconventional, headstrong and badass as ever.

3. Because of Carrie’s baby


She’ll have a little bit of Brody with her forever… but will Carrie ever really be able to combine her double life with being a mum?

We’re sure this latest development will bring plenty of renewed tensions with Carrie’s family… and will definitely create some worthwhile onscreen drama as she battles her love of work with looking after her daughter.

4. Because of the intense plots

giphy (5)

Brody or no Brody, Homeland always provides some pretty twisted, fascinating and downright addictive plots.

Whether it’s foiling undercover terrorists or secretly changing the head of government and a nation’s values forever, its issues are real and relevant to the world we live in.

It’s hard not to get hooked and constantly check your wing mirror to see if you’re being followed by a big black van forever after.

5. Because Carrie’s always right


Just like a typical heroine, our Carrie is always right.

And whether that’s about whether to go ahead with an operation, or whether she trusts a terrorist, her hunches are never believed at first, but always prove to be correct.

Call us repetitive, but we like seeing her come up trumps each and every time.

6. Because sometimes they get it wrong


Whether it’s Saul, Carrie or Quinn who have messed up, there is no TV show out there that can make us feel so utterly panicked when something goes wrong on-screen.

We keep telling ourselves it’s just a show, but somehow we always need a relaxing bath after we watch an episode.

7. Because Saul’s in control



In the new season, Saul has left the CIA and is operating all on his own terms – and we can’t wait to see him kicking ass and doing his bearded thing, rather than always being put down by his seniors, like David Estes and Andrew Lockhart.

We predict some awesome Saul-Carrie arguments, too, which always go down a treat with viewers.

8. Because of Claire Danes’s crying face

giphy (9)

Nothing ever goes too smoothly on Homeland, so you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be seeing the tissues come out for Carrie.

And when things go wrong, out comes the crying face.

She might get made fun of for it, but we love it – you know stuff’s about to go down when you see that bottom lip start to quiver.

9. Because of how connected we feel to the CIA


Who didn’t want to apply for MI5 the minute we watched Homeland?

In truth, we don’t really understand as much as we should about homeland security, but we sure feel like intelligence experts when we predict a twist that ends up happening, or feel outraged at a spy’s incompetence.

Just hire us now, Andrew Lockhart.

10. Because of the confrontations

giphy (11)

As in the last three seasons, there are sure to be some absolutely epic arguments, complete with record levels of swearing, incredibly rude put-downs and withering glares.

We’re looking forward to whatever insults will be traded this time round.

11. Because of Peter Quinn


Oh Rupert Friend, let us count the ways in which we love you.

Whoever casted him should be given a medal – the guy adds sophistication and glamour to the show, and possibly a romantic option for Carrie now that Brody’s out of the picture?

We’ve always thought he has a thing for her deep down.

12. Because we’re secretly hoping Brody will come back


The guy survives eight years in captivity, getting shot, a heroin addiction and numerous bombs.

What’s a hanging after all that?

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