Yes! The Gods of heavy metal are back! (and of course, better than ever) The band released their new song (titled The negative one) on the 1st of August, which was coincidentally the day I got back from Wales. My fellow maggot messaged me on Facebook to tell me the good news which was that the band had released a new track. Of course at this point I had ran upstairs, jumped on my bed, and stuck it on. I fricking loved it. However the music video was not so good, so I am going to go into an in depth analysis of the song and give my opinion on it and the video.


So, the song. if I could sum it up in one word I would say EPIC. The song starts off with a whiney drone which is sort of similar of the voice of Chris Martin, but then suddenly stops so the heaviness of Jim Root (who i one of two who have took charge of making the new album) and Mick Thompson can kick in, the song progresses’s to where Corey Taylor growls then the new drummer kicks in (who may I add, still remains a mystery). The song then picks up the pace by quite a bit, which gives the song more of the sought of Iowa feel to it (which is what the fans really wanted seeing as the bands previous album All hope is gone was an absolute disgrace to the maggots). This made the fans and critics crave the new video. What the maggots also love about this song is how the DJ Sid Wilson and the keyboardist have been given a bigger role in this song.


Well, to be honest, I waited to hours for this video to be released, (by the time it had released, the website had crashed 6 times due to the page being so busy) which turned out to actually be quite pointless, all we got was a bunch of weird, pointless sequences that had nothing to do with the song. This included seeing three girls washing in a little bit of water naked, a woman holding two dead goats and a woman putting a load of sequences on a dead goat that they probably got from Pounland.slipknot_video

So, in rage with the video I reacted by posting a comment which said



“As much as Slipknot are my favourite band, this video sucks balls, literally. Nothing happens, it’s just a bunch of women rubbing their tits and a dead goat gets sequins put on it. It’s just too s**t for a great song.”

Sorry for the language there.

To conclude, I was extremely disappointed with the video seeing as it was such a great song, however I don’t think any music video will ever beat Slipknots video for their track ‘Before I forget’ because that was just amazing.


Click here to listen to and see the video to ‘The Negative One’.

Click here to listen to and see the awesome video to ‘Before I Forget’.

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