The Samsung Galaxy S5, possibly the best smartphone I have ever had to luck to use. I originally intended on using the device for 2 weeks and then writing up the review, but I’ve loved this phone so much! (And it’s only been a day!). I’ll run down the features first, and then why it’s the best smartphone on the market. (Unboxing at bottom of page.)



RATING : 10/10



The Features The Galaxy S5 includes a vast variety of new apps and features. Including the new 16MP Camera (5312 x 2988px) and 4K Video Recording, these features are way ahead of their time and have shown a vast increase in how much better we can advance technology. The device offers Android 4.4.2 [KitKat] the latest in Google’s mobile OS. Which includes a variety of very useful day-to-day applications. S Health is by-far the most incredible app I’ve used! Tracking how many steps you do (per-day) [pedometer], tracking how much you eat (kcal, manual input) and how much you burn off (kcal, per-day (based on pedometer)). S Health can also measure your heart rate, a feature I’ve found particularly helpful, especially after 20 mile bike rides. And… The most (most) amazing feature; the stress calculator. Simply place your finger over the sensor on the back and after 30 seconds it will say how high (or low) your stress is! The Samsung Galaxy S5, is water proof, and very stress protective. The phone will only smash (screen) if you hit it with a hammer with some force, this is due to its ‘Gorilla Glass 3′, another reason behind the near£500 price tag. The S5 features a 1080p Super AMOLED 5.1 inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen. Which makes my main-runner iPhone 4S’ screen look like an old Nokia. You can gain up to 32GB internal memory; however if you would need anymore additional storage you could purchase a microSD card, though who needs more than 32GB on their phone?! The phone is also the very latest in 4G connectivity, to test this feature I took the S5 to Birmingham, where I could get 14MBPS Download and 4MBPS Upload, this is the equivalent to my home broadband. I downloaded the Ookla Speedtest app, on the 4G connection (6mb app downloaded in 3 seconds.)  The S5 also kicks in NFC, which allows me to control all the TVs and DVD players in my house, a pretty ‘troll-full’ feature!



Accessories Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase any additional accessories with my S5 (as it was a review, loan phone.) However, the headphones included are incredible! Much better than the new Apple Earpods, they’re the gel ones; which in-my-case are the best and the most comfortable. I highly recommend purchasing the S-View Flipcase for the S5, and the Samsung Charger Pad.   Thanks to Vodafone and TheIdeasNetwork for letting me loan the device and for reviewing it!



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