Quite simply horrifying to use.

So I’ve been fortunate enough to review the new LG G3 from Vodafone this past week.

My first impressions weren’t that good; after just using the Samsung Galaxy S5 for the past two weeks the G3 had a lot to live up to, and upon first use it ultimately failed.

The G3’s screen is probably the only best thing about it, the custom Android OS is terrible, the colours are awful and there’s just something about the overall look of the phone that doesn’t quite cut it for me, if I was going to be buying a anew smartphone I would most definitely choose the S5 over the G3, simply because it has a wider variety of functions and utilities.

The G3’s television commercial over-rated the phone a little too much, almost giving off the impression it’s camera was comparable to those of Digital-SLRs, whereas its laser-focussing system isn’t as good as it’s said to be. The ad made the phone look spectacular, pointing out pseudo-scientific features the really were irrelevant for day-to-day usage.

The G3’s “bass-boost” speaker is total garbage too, it’s the same as those found on many smartphones today, the headphones included aren’t bad though.

Overall I’m rating this phone 4/10, for its simplistic approach to many features which aren’t needed for day to day use. Go for a Samsung Galaxy S5, or a Sony Experia Z2, or if you’re looking for something a little more versatile than the G3, look at a pretty brick-look 2000s Nokia.

Thanks to Vodafone and for letting me sample the G3.

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