How would you like to see a film that crosses ‘Blair Witch Project’ with ‘Sanctum’, and adds an extra spice of ‘Lara Croft’? Well, here it is!

Directed by John Dowdle, this film tests both your heart rate capacity and how long you can keep your eyes away from a screen. Here’s how the film goes – Scarlett, who’s father had previously died, is determined to find and discover the ‘Philosophers Stone’, a gem so powerful it has the ability to heal a man from any wound, so long as he is alive. She takes a film crew down with her into the Catacombs of Paris, where she believes the stone is held, but what they find down there is more then they had all bargained for…

Check out the trailer below!

So, what was my own personal verdict on the film?

As it was one of my first times watching a horror film in cinemas, I expected to not sleep the following night. But, this was not the case. Maybe it was that I had built up the adrenaline of a first-time experience of a horror film, only to be disappointed later on. I do, however, believe that the trailer made the film look much more horrific then the film had actually turned out to be.

Through-out the film, I found myself slightly confused as to how and why events were occurring – And as I thought I’d lost all hope, the ending explained all, and what an ending it was! Without giving away too many spoilers, I can safely say that this film tested your logic to the extreme. It seemed, though, that the film was at once consistent pace, throwing a few jump scares here and there, rather then an Anti-climax at the end – which may have ruined the film a little for me.

However, all in all it was a great film, and is really one for those who like mind blows, jump scares and nightmares all-in-one. Go check it out for yourself, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the film below in the comments section!

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