So before I start this article, I would just like to apologise for my absence on the page, I’ve been caught up with a lot of homework and revision for exams, but I’m back with more reviews which will be released very soon e.g X-men: Days of future past and watch dogs.


As I have had a Next-Gen console since Christmas day, I believe I’ve had enough time time to help you decide on what games to pick up when getting your console.

5-Fifa 14

Rating: 84/100

Yes, I know football isn’t everyone’s thing, but the graphics are great for this game, it runs at 1080p and 60 fps. It is also the first Fifa game to have “realistic movements” which unfortunately doesn’t seem to work, but what does work is its realistic crowd, that for the first time is 3D and shows true emotions about how they feel about their team. However if you don’t like career, you could try out FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) which is a mode that you can create your own dream team, and play against your friends or others from around the worlds team, however the bad thing is you end up spending a lot of money on this because you “need to get good players in packs”. And finally this game online has a rage rating of about 9/10.



4- Resogun (Playstation exclusive)

Rating: 92/100

You know, this game being a Playstation exclusive isn’t all a bad thing, as it allows it to push the console to it boundaries. This game runs at the same rate as Fifa 14 does, yet it seems a lot better, it is an arcade based game, where the objective is to save the last humans on Earth in a space ship whilst taking out the bad guys, it is fun for all the family to have a go at, as every level is different and more challenging, yet fun, as it goes along. It is also one of my first and one of my most favourite games on the market at the moment as well.



3- Call of Duty: Ghosts

Rating: 95/100

Now obviously “haters gonna hate” if I’m putting Ghosts 3rd, in my opinion, Ghosts has a lot to offer to the gaming community. It has a great campaign where you can go into space, use tanks and use a dog to kill people, multiplayer, which I gotta admit the disc maps aren’t that good, but the DLC maps are absolutely brilliant, and then there’s is extinction, which is a new game mode added to Call of Duty this year, which you go round killing aliens and destroying their hives whilst trying to survive, also recently there has been a new game mode added in from MW3, which is called Chaos mode, this is where you have a massive amount of health, and have to try and survive and kill as many aliens as you can.


2: Battlefield 4

Rating: 98/100

To be quite honest with you, battlefield has never been in my top 10 games ever, until this game came out. The graphics are absolutely superb, and by that I mean, even the water looks real! This game introduced a programme called LEVOLUTION, this gives the gamers what they’ve been waiting for the past few years from the shooter genre. For instance (just to name a few), walls (if shot) break, shoot a rocket launcher at a building, and it will break/collapse and most importantly, on the map “The siege of Shanghai” a skyscraper will collapse while you are in it, and you have to parachute out before you get crushed by it. This games multiplayer doesn’t just do that though, it also (on its biggest game mode Conquest) can hold up to 64 people in a lobby! The campaign is extremely gripping with a tricky decision for you at the end, however unlike Call of Duty, this game doesn’t have a co-op option like zombies, extinction, survival and spec ops. Even if you don’t own a Next-Gen console, I URGE YOU TO GET THIS GAME!


1: Trials: Fusions

Rating: 100/100

This game (as you can tell by its rating) is absolutely phenomenal. I had one reason to buy this game and that was because I absolutely loved the PS Vita “Trials: Urban Freestyle” game so I just had to buy this one, and I tell you what, it was a good decision. The graphics are absolutely brilliant (1080p and 60 FPS) , and the game runs so smoothly. I would definitely recommend this and best of all, it is on all consoles! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy driving around on motorbikes in the future doing flips?


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