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Have you heard of the new Intel roadmap for 2014 bringing out 4 new processors? Yes thats right 4 new Intel Processors are we all excited as I am, let’s hope you are! So let me tell you more about these new CPUs.


So first of all Intel are bringing out there first ever 8 core desktop processor with it even supporting DDR4 Ram & The New Intel x99 Chipset.

This CPU will likely use hyper-threading  technology which would make the processor even faster and provide a total of 16 threads !!

This new processor is going to be a monster and is going to be a very high competitor to beat as AMD not too long ago released there new FX9000 series processors; which put AMD up on the list on the CPU benchmarks sites like cpubenchmark .net the new AMD FX-9590 just slightly overtook the intel i7-4770k which is one of the highest desktop CPUs out there in the market today. I can tell you AMD are going to have to step up there game to compete against this new monster Intel are bringing out!

Now lets talk about the new unlocked 5th Gen Intel processor with Intel Iris Pro (New Intel Graphics)


Intel bringing out there 5th gen of CPUs with the codename ‘Broadwell’ and will use the 14nm manufacturing process which should bring down the power consumption and be better performance per watt.

Also the new processors will also offer the new Intel Iris Pro graphics with the CPU being unlocked and being allowed to increase the multiplier to get even more performance out of your system.

Also a major bugbear for users overclocking previous generation processors is that they run very hot, Intel have apparently addressed this issue and fixed the issue with the new Broadwell CPUs

Finally the final product that should be hugely interesting to enthusiasts is that of an Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition-labelled processor. The most fascinating feature with the new product is that there will be an unlocked version allowing you to overclock it to get more performance.


Intel hasn’t allowed overclocking on its budget range of processors for several generations and this could provide a huge boost to the enthusiast scene. At the moment, the only way to achieve significant overclocks is with a K-series CPU such as the Core i5-4670K. However, these are expensive, so in the past, it’s been very popular for intel users to buy a cheaper processor and overclock it to the same speed as a more expensive model.

So tell me what you all think about the new Intel Processors below with a reply also you may email me : kai@techfly.co.uk

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