The original Godzilla in my opinion, was one of the best movies of all time. It was action packed and full of fight scenes. Now… The new Godzilla had not so much. well…. hardly any. The producers of the movie had decided that building suspense and going into a lot of detail on the movie was more important than watching everybody’s favorite part of any action packed movies, the fight scenes. But when it actually got to the fight scenes in the movie they were amazing. The plot of the movie was very clever and really interesting. Another thing that I loved about the movie is that they brought back the original Godzilla, and by that I mean they didn’t use some modern take on Godzilla and they didn’t really change any features at all. There were some new monsters introduced in the movie, and these monsters were amazing. The movie had great suspense (maybe a little too much) but over all very good suspense.

There were a few jump scares in the movie which I think is a good thing because if it didn’t have the jump scares, the movie wouldn’t have been that scary. The movie had the perfect length, by that I mean it wasn’t to short and it didn’t go on for too long. There were couple of sad bits in the movie, but I think that’s a good thing because it made you change emotion throughout the film. This movie was definitely an emotional roller-coaster. Overall I really recommend going to see this movie.

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