The Book Thief, now a major motion picture, features Liesel Meminger [Sophie Nélisse] a 9 year old girl, who is living with a foster family on ‘Himmel Street’, as her parents have both been taken away to a concentration camp. Liesel, who is also poorly educated [To the point where she can not spell her own name], finds a passion in reading books after she picks up a relevantly misplaced ‘Guide to Grave Diggings’. Her foster father helps her to read through that book, and the passion for reading grows evermore, to the point where she is willing to steal books from a friends home. The twist, is that the Nazi’s are currently burning every book that they find in aid of their raids and ‘revolution’. Did I also mention, her foster family are keeping hidden a Jew, Max Vandenburg [Ben Schnetzer], who was also an old family friend. Throughout the journey of Liesel’s life, she is joined with a younger friend who seems to be in love with her, Rudy Steiner [Nico Liersch] frequently asking her to kiss him, and willing to walk alongside her wherever she goes. Whilst the Narrator, Death [Roger Allam], leads you through her life – until the very end.

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So what is so uplifting and inspiring about this story? Well, from what we can gather the Moral of it is to ‘Never give up on your dreams’. For example, Liesel could not read, nor did she have an education, yet neither of these factors did not stop her. Also the friendship between her and Max, even though he was a man not be in contact with, was so stunning and beautiful – Liesel being by his side through his darkest times was so heart-warming. The acting of Sophie Nélisse, Ben Schnetzer and Nico Liersch could not have been any more perfect, and I believe they have played the parts very well. I have yet to finish reading the book, but from what I can tell of the book, which is completely narrated by death, it’s another one to go down in the history books as a classic! This book [and film] is definitely one for those who like laughter, crying and happiness all in one historically true piece of art. Sophie Nélisse, Nominee for a ‘Saturn Award’, will definitely have a run up for such big films in the future, thanks to The Book Thief, and will one day most likely win herself an Oscar for Best Actress!

So, in conclusion – Read the Book, Watch the Film, Get emotional and enjoy the roller coaster of a ride, because boy is it gonna be one!