What is Pocket Troops?

Pocket Troops is a new up-coming iOS game in which you have to train and rank up your group of soldiers, both online and through story modes. It is not currently released yet, and is still in its kick starter stage but it still looks like such a great game and has a lot of potential. Much like Heroes of Dragon Age, your team does all the work for you, whilst you can just sit back and relax, or encourage your crew. This game is brilliant for if you just want to play a quick game to pass time, and also earns you cash to upgrade your weapons, and a possibility of changing the way your characters look, so every play is unique!

The Kick Starter

As I said, Pocket Troops looks to be such a great game with a very high potential, but at the moment there are very little willing to contribute to the Kick Starter. The simplest donation can help a lot, and even though you give to them, the company, Heyworks, will also give back to you! For just $3 you can receive some free and awesome wallpapers for your Backgrounds, and a ‘Karma Helper’ achievement. For a little more of $10 you receive ‘Ecstasy of Gold’ which gives you not only the above, but also a free handful of cash in-game, for when you buy the game! You are able to donate from $1 to $5,000 dollars! Of course, you’re not expected to donate $5,000, so no pressure! One of the most common purchases, the $15 pledge, gives you the chance for your name to be on the in-game board of Kick starter Heroes Screen, on the website of Kick Starter donations, and any other gifts given before the $15 pledge! Amazing!

Here’s just a few of many amazing Screen Shots of the Game…

Pocket Troops 2

Pocket Troops 3

Pocket Troops

Click here to help donate to the Kick Starter and receive your free gifts!


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