As am I, many people may be spending New Years Eve by themselves this year, as their family may have gone away for a romantic night, or decided they prefer their friends to you… *Sob*. So, 5 days before the big one, I’m giving you some ideas of what you could do if you’re by yourselves this New Years Eve, or just have nothing to do with your friends. Please note: This article does not have anything to do with writing resolutions, so if that’s what you were expecting, you’ll be disappointed. 

3. Game with your friends [Or by yourself]

For those with a second life, this may be the result for you. Why not give your friends a Skype call, and play some MineCraft or Saints Row 4 [Ha! Just kidding] together. This can even work if you don’t have friends, or the only friends you have are busy celebrating with those they call ‘Family’. Just head into an online party and play all night long. What better way to spend New Years Eve but by doing something that you love? Just don’t tell anybody that you’re going to be doing this. Just a suggestion.


2. Make Scrapbook of ‘2013’

Why not spend an hour searching for stuff around your house that have occurred during 2013, such as Cinema tickets, train tickets, certificates, anything! To make it even more fun and tense, set yourself a time limit to search for things, maybe 2 hours to find everything, or create the scrapbook before 2013 ends. Try not to include anything that could go old, like a plaster, or leaf. I’ve never actually understood why people put leaves in books. Why?!


1. Dungeons and Dragons

Typically what most people do on New Years Eve is play Dungeons and Dragons. Infact, over 23% of the worlds population play Dungeons and Dragons each New Years Eve* [Thanks Wikipedia!]. Of course, the people who play this game play it by themselves due to the fact nobody else is willing to play it with them, but D&D is definitely one to play on New Years Eve, even if you’re with people. It’s a fun little game challenging the imagination of people, and creates your own Lord of the Rings movie in your mind without needing £5,000.000. Have fun!

Dungeons and Dragons

*This probably isn’t true, it’s from Wikipedia




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