‘Sup folks! I’m here to give you 3 awesome ideas on how you could improve your Christmas this year. Well, apart from the obvious such as Snow [Real, not fake], Trees and Decorations. As we all know, Christmas is supposed to be the ‘Most wonderful time of the Year’, but how can we expect it to be, if we haven’t fully populated our rooms with useless ornaments which’ll be used only one month a year?  Check some of these out;

7 Inflatable Santa [£60 – £70]

 These are so amazing, I remember down the street where I used to live, a couple used to decorate their Gardens so much for Christmas, and these kind of things were involved. They are literally 7 foot Santa’s, although you can also get a 7 foot Snowman or Reindeer too. It’s kind of like a bouncy castle in the aspect that you plug a fan into an electrical connector, and shove the fan right up its open gap. *Cough*. It starts flailing around, until the wind takes it away and is never to be seen again. If you’re thinking of buying this, you really need to also be thinking about how you’re going to secure it if you’re placing it outside [Which is where it belongs!]

Click here to buy an Inflatable Santa

Santa Inflatable

This Poster [£6.29]

So, ‘This Poster’, it’s a pretty nice one. Of course, you can get any poster that you want during Christmas, but this one is the one that I like the most. If you don’t already know, its the lyrics of the Twelve days of Christmas, or at least the 12th verse. This poster comes in 77 different colours and 3 different sizes. So, this is probably the most recommended for those at Christmas. It’s not usually a Christmas decoration to have a poster in your house at Christmas time, but this really does make your house not only festive, but also unique. Go get on now! They’re only 7-ish pounds.

Click here to buy the 12 days of Christmas Poster


Girlfriend  Moose head [£54.95]

This is a Moose head, but don’t worry, it’s not a real one. I think. Not a lot of people have these for Christmas, yet strangely they’re quite popular during the rest of the year. These ones are white, so I’m sure they’d fit in with the rest of the decorations that are in your house. Also, they look like Reindeer so you could just say that its a Reindeer, I’m sure nobody will notice. I think you can also get a Polar Bear one, so that’s quite wintry, them living in the North or South pole and it snowing all the time. They’re £55, so they’re not that expensive, considering you can get a live one for over a thousand.

Click here to buy… Umm… Yeah, you get it [If not, a Moose head!]

Moose head

Please note: I don’t actually own any of these, and I most likely never will.