So these two albums have been out for a month now, which believe it or not means I’ve had a month to listen to them! *claps*

Eminem Marshall Mathers LP 2:

RATING: 87/100

I was lucky enough to get this album 5 days earlier thanks to my music downloader and Wikipedia, so anyway, this album starts of with the epic track Bad Guy, however the best tracks are yet to come. The next track isn’t really a song as it only lasts 55 seconds and doesn’t have any words to it apart from Eminem saying a few explicit words, it’s called Parking Lot (Skit) and is based on Eminem robbing a store and killing a woman. As the album drags on we get to track number 5 which is the Official song from Call of Duty Ghosts Survival (Feat Liz Rodriguez) which I must say is my personal favorite, with amazing verses and an outstanding chorus this song is truly something you should check out. There are also many other great tracks which you should check out.


My top 3 tracks are as follows, to listen to them click on the title and it will direct you to it.

3. Berzerk

2. Rap God

1. Survival (feat Liz Rodriguez)


Click here to buy the album, other editions are available.


Tinie Tempah – Demonstration:


This album kicks off with the unbelievable track someday (place in the sun) (feat Ella Eyre) which has a great tune, chorus and great verses to accompany it. I have to be completely honest with you, unlike his first album Discovery every track has something special, from Trampoline’s backing track to labrinth’s voice accompanying, this album is is just amazing.


Top 3 tracks from Demonstration:

3: Mosh Pit (feat Dizzee Rascal and Ty Dollar $ign)

2: Someday (place in the sun) (feat Ella Eyre) 

1: Trampoline (feat 2chainz)


The conclusion:


In conclusion, I believe that Tinie Tempah’s album is better as it has a wider variety of tracks, however Eminem’s album is still great but I find some of the tracks can get slightly boring, so apart from that I would check out of both albums and I will see you guys on my next review 🙂

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