I watched Catching Fire today, although it came out 6 days ago now, 21st November 2013, so I have decided to create an article sharing the story plot and my own personal opinion of it.

I really can’t stress this enough – This post will include many spoilers about the film, so just to be safe, I am colouring the safer parts Black and the spoilers, a Grey.

The Story [Spoilers]

The film begins with Katniss Everdeen [Jennifer Lawrence] and Peeta Mellark’s [Josh Hutcherson] Victory tour throughout the 11 different districts [Not including their own, due to there being two winners]. During their visit to ’11’, a campaigner whistles the Mockingjay tune, and lifts his three fingers into the air, a sign of respect. For this he is attacked and shot by Peacekeepers, those who are in authority.

This worries President Snow as he believes an uprising may be at hand, so he personally visits Katniss in secret, and threatens to kill her family, Peeta’s family, and Gale [Liam Hemsworth] if she does not convince the Panem that she and Peeta are in love, and their embarrassment towards the Capitol was worth it. Later on in the film, She and Peeta are yet again chosen for the  Hunger Games 75th Quater Quell, because every 25 years, a special ‘twist’ is added to the games, and this time, only the previous tributes would be in the running for the games, meaning it was definitely Katniss and Peeta or Haymitch. Can she escape the Arena and lead the Panem into a revolution?

A lot of action takes place in this film, and for those thinking the first was bad due to the lack of drama included, this one had far more action to it, and it followed pretty much the whole book, possibly missing out small parts [For instance, Katniss watching Haymitch play in the Hunger Games – Which I was a bit disappointed about]. But, I wont ruin any more then I already have. 

My Opinion

This film was a great film, I wouldn’t say it’s the best film I’ve watched this year, but it definitely isn’t far from it. Some bits were very upsetting, some bits made me gag a little and some bits explained the whole film for me! [And of course, anyone else who has watched it]. I don’t this this film could have been any better then it was, and the fact it followed the books exactly has made me enjoy it so much better. Unlike the Percy Jackson films…

9.7 out of 10