When Rockstar studios announced at the beginning of 2013 that Grand theft auto five was going to be delayed until September 17th, some peoples hopes lowered for the game as “it needed improving on” said the studio, this lead us to believe that there may have been to many glitches/bugs within the game. However, Grand Theft Auto V is out now and is ready to be reviewed here at TechFly.

Well come on, lets face it. GTA IV’s graphics weren’t the best, with people, buildings and vehicles spawning in randomly, GTA V had to do better and thankfully it did. The graphics are exceptional with being able to see your face in the water on a nice summers day to the beautiful scenery surrounding mount Chilliad the graphics are really worth seeing.
The story begins 9 years before present day where characters Michael, Trevor and Brad are robbing a bank and yelling explicit words before you know it (as per usual with a GTA game), they blow up a bank volt and steal the cash and as they think they’ve almost gotten away with it a man comes and takes Michael hostage, removing his mask and exposing what he looks like, then a flashing circle appears in the bottom right corner of the screen telling you to hold down on the D-pad giving you the option to pick Trevor (this is the new feature being introduced to GTA as there three main characters you can switch to them anytime within the campaign) you then shout the security guard in the head and advance outside. You discover you are in a snowy environment with tons of cops surrounding you everywhere, when you have defeated all the cops your back up driver comes and picks you up, however your driver gets shot and you must take over the wheel and it starts giving you a driving tutorial (driving will be explained further through the review) and oll of a sudden you get hit by a train and then hit a tree violently, miraculously surviving the crash you get out of the car and start making your way on foot to wherever they were heading to and then suddenly a sniper appears out of nowhere and kills brad and then shoots Michael and Trevor runs off.  We then go to a cut scene which shows that Michael has faked his death.
We then go to present day where Michael is speaking to his therapist and is acting really depressed , he then meets Franklin and you have to play as him for a few missions until you end up running into Michael coincidentally as you are stealing his sons car when Michael is in  the back, he puts a gun to Franklin’s  head and pressures him into Simeon’s (Franklin’s boss) shop window. Later on you meet up with Lester (Michael’s old bank robbing partner) and before you know it, you’re doing a heist with Franklin and a few other people who you choose to hire( i must admit all the heists were pretty fun) You then have to lay low for a while, so you switch to Trevor, who coincidentally is watching the news about the news which is talking about the heist, whilst having sex with Ashlee (Johnny K’s girlfriend from GTA IV the Lost and damned) then Trevor cleans up and goes outside whilst a few things happen and then kills Johnny K by stomping on his head a number of times.
The story builds up to the three of them doing a heist known as “the big one” which is absolutely amazing  I must say and earns you an estimate of 200 million dollars.
 Ever heard of a racing game called Midnight Club: Los Angeles? Well neither had I until Rockstar put a load of their games on offer on the Playstation store, but this game takes the racing mechanics from that game and put it into this one (which meant it had better driving mechanics than need for speed)
For example:
If I was cruising (or more like crashing around because of how fast it is) around Los Santos in an Adder sports car without struggle on the greatly tarmacked roads because my car was designed for that type of road and i happened to be doing the same in Blaine County (where Trevor lives) i would be skidding all over the place as my tires were not designed for that sortt of road.
 This Grand Theft Auto V was the biggest map they have ever made, which was bigger than GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 all put together with many things to do such as tennis, golf, sailing, going into strip clubs, taxi driving (which you had to rob), swimming under water/scuber diving, there also side missions know as ‘strangers and freaks’ where you could meet a stranger for example, one for Trevor would be you meet a man who wants you to knock down a load of signs and then destroy someones car just so you can have ‘bouncy time’ with a prostitute or one for Franklin would be you meet a freak who claims he was about to be abducted by aliens when there ship crashed and you have to go and find all the 50 pieces of the U.F.O
Well as GTA online was only functional for a few minutes as too much people played it and broke the servers I didn’t get to play GTA online but I have watched many gameplays on youtube, however this annoyed me personally and a few of my other mates as they delayed the game for 3 months, yet they can’t make the servers strong enough to hold a few millions people, however it looks like it can be a lot of fun.
Anyway thank you for reading my first ever article and I hope to report back to you soon! :D