Rating: 92/100




We pick up from where we left off in the first one, with Flint just saving the world from his food making machine, he gets visited by his favourite scientist who owns a company called live core. The scientist asks Flint if he’d like to work at live core with the scientist (who has ridiculously flexi arms) and of course Flint says ‘yes!’ and soon after he starts his new job and discovers that you can work with the scientist himself if you win a competition which is to come up with a super cool invention, however Flint doesn’t win the competition, a ginger nerd does. However depending on what time your reading this, it is still in cinemas and I would really recommend going to see it as it is truly a spectacular film (as you can tell by the rating).




Compare to the first one, the graphics to the sequel are absolutely tremendous. The graphics go well with the great visionaries of the film which is set on an Island that has been taken over by food. From shrimpanzee’s to spider burgers or just a normal tomato the drawings/graphics are really something special.


So yeah guys thanks for reading my review, but for now; ADIOS AMIGOS!


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