So, Call of Duty Ghosts has been out for a week (by time of making this review) and as always, is ready to be reviewed at TechFly.




You start off with your dad, Elias telling you the story of the ancient squad “the ghosts” which has a very interesting cut scene to go with it, your Dad finishes his story and you talk for a bit and then you go home, on the way there are a few tremors and then you get to the roads where total chaos and destruction is taking place in streets of Los Angeles, your Dad metions that “it must be Odin” and says he’s going to get the truck, you run your way to the house and then your screen goes white, and the next thing you know, you’re in space!

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Since the day after Ghosts came out, I’ve heard people complaining about how terrible the multiplayer is. I disagree. Have you ever taken into consideration that this game is running smoothly, personally at the time of writing this I have lagged 3 times, and none of these were major lags, this is the smoothest running CoD game EVER. However this Game they have changed the game by quite a bit, you will be able to view a review which will include an in depth analysis of the new Call of Duty, Just click here and yes, that is my YouTube channel but I can’t use any other peoples YouTube links because of copyright reasons.




I for one, have only played extinction 3 times so far, however I’m level 18. this is because I got to the Nuke countdown twice and then our whole team died, but anyway In this amazing new game mode, you have to go around killing different types of aliens and destroying their hives (which there are 14 of) and then set of a nuke to kill all remaining aliens.




The graphics on the current-gen consoles aren’t the best of graphics (in my opinion Black Ops 2s’ graphics were much better) however, I will be updating/editing this post once I get my PS4 and copy of Ghosts on the PS4 to tell you how good the 1080p graphics are.

Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-2677617This is the first sales of CoD: Ghosts stock in HMV.


So yeah that’s about it now guys, check out the links above for an in-depth review or to but the actual game itself, I’ll see you on my next review which will be a comparison on Tinie Tempah’s album VS eminem’s album.

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